Originating from Italian and Indonesian blood, Laszlo wanted to discover the world on an early age. She was born in The Netherlands, where she was mesmerized by her grandparents when they sang Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. With those experiences fresh in her mind she started to take piano lessons. Soon, due to her inexhaustible energy and inability to sit still for too long, she also took dancing classes at age five. At first it was classical ballet followed by street dance, finally progressing to breakdance and hip-hop. At the age of ten she wanted to try something new and so started an acting course. She loved singing, dancing and acting so much that the step to full stage theatrical productions, including musicals, was easily made – performing in Never Ending Story, Hamlet and Romeo & Juliet.

When she was eighteen she left her home in the Netherlands and set sail for Milan, Italy. Here her musical journey continued as she participated in the Italian X-Factor with the group “Sisters of Soul”. They broke through the hundreds of applicants to the live shows, reaching the fifth round. This beautiful experience gave her a taste for more and two years later she found herself in the big apple, New York City, on a three months exploration. Here she had the opportunity to expand her international music network and to develop and hone in on her own style.

Soon after New York City, she visited London and fell in love with the city and its variety of inspirations. After four years back home in The Netherlands, it was time to move back to the city that captured her imagination, London. With new energy and much more worldly experience she is based in London now, where she is busy writing her first album entitled F.L.A.G. – For Love And Glory.